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  • Richard’s mobile:   +1 268 7708966
  • Landline:                +1 268 4605979

In addition to managing the cottages, Richard also teaches cooking (something much appreciated by cruise line passengers, arriving from around the world).

Are you getting married, celebrating a baptism, do you have a congress or celebrating something else and do you need someone to take care of the catering ?

Or are you perhaps a ‘desperate housewife’ who is ‘unfamiliar' with cooking and as a result unable to ‘tempt’ your man with food ?

Don’t forget, the quickest way to a man’s heart is through … his stomach !

Fear not: in any case and “come rain or shine”, just phone Richard and your worries will disappear !

  • don’t forget caps and t-shirts to protect you from the sun’s rays and for those with delicate skins, barrier creams that, unfortunately, sadly also pollute, however, natural aloe vera (plant, not cream) the perfect way to prevent sunburn, is available locally,
  • don’t forget the traditional mosquito (sun fly) fumigators and/or ‘those electric thingies’ you plug into the wall socket,
  • you’ll need a US socket adaptor for your electrical devices (pc, phone chargers, and so on) but better still an international universal adaptor, available for next to nothing (on internet available for about 6 US Dollars),
  • if you are tired when you arrive, we suggest taking a taxi (combi) that will take you from the airport to your destination Johnson’s Point for 31 US Dollars, alternatively, if you arrive ‘refreshed and rested’ and want to save money, take a taxi to the capital St. John’s (about 11 US$) and from there jump on a bus to Johnson’s Point for 3 EC Dollars (about 1 US Dollar) per person,
  • and, of course, whatever you need, simply ask Richard: he is always happy to help !

The two cottages, surrounded by greenery and offering a ‘breathtaking’ view, are close to Turner’s beach and sleep two (per cottage).

They have ceiling fan, fridge, shower and toilet and, of course, a lovely double beds.

That’s not to mention a lovely small balcony on which to breakfast or to dine, watching the sunrise or the sun go down, in one word … the sunset !