Why “Sunset Terrace Guest House” ?

It’s simple, because only from our terrace, you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset and, if you wish, also a  beautiful sunrise !

Indeed, sitting on our terrace, you can enjoy one of our drinks and perhaps watch the sun as it disappears slowly behind the smoking island of Montserrat, whilst listening to a melodious tune to the accompaniment of a mandolin and the dulcet tones of ‘our own’ Richard.

What ? Smoking island ?

Yes !

And even though it is not dangerous, the volcano at the centre of the island does “smoke” incessantly, even though someone must have warned it that … smoking kills !

Despite appearances however, there really is nothing to worry about, because the volcano is harmless, watching the sun as it sets, is a truly unique experience.

Montserrat island, as the crow flies, is about 40 Km from our cottages (that’s from Antigua).

We are in Johnson’s Point, far from the crowds, but easily reachable with the local bus service from the capital St. John’s (bus nr. 22).

By the way, St. John’s is only a few minutes from the airport, whilst Johnson's Point is about 20 minutes away by car.

When you arrive, you will not only be welcomed by the legendary Richard, but also by Anella, Darrah and Brandon … a lovely little family, exquisite, affable, friendly, pleasant, to say the least !

They provide what can only be described as a fantastic welcome !

After all, it is a well-known fact that the Sunset restaurant has welcomed unforgettable guests such as Lady Di, Krizia, any ministers from Antigua and numerous other VIPs.

Inside the 'old' restaurant, in fact, you can enjoy an old picture of these illustrious guests. 

The rest … is for you to discover !